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Tag: Landscape Ideas

Everything you need to know about Landscaping!

Do you know that life can become better if you live in a place that is surrounded by fresh grass and landscaping? It isn’t something to take for granted because the environmentalists throughout the globe have agreed on a fact that landscaping is important for better health and living standards. Well, still, there is a common perception that landscaping requires unnecessary investment and maintenance however learning a few tactics can help you reap the real pros of nature. Here, we have revealed the interesting facts of landscaping that will help you understand it in a better way.

Weeding burns approximately 400 Calories!
Yes, if you are conscious about fitness then you’ll be amazed to know that weeding can burn up to 400 calories. Those who have designed a lawn in the backyard of their house love to spend time cutting the overgrown plants and leaves. The process of weeding is good for mental health and you’ll achieve the fitness goals as well.

10% increase in the efficiency of AC Units!

If you keep the AC unit at a place where it can be shaded by a tree, the efficiency of the AC will be increased by 10%. So, you’ll be able to save energy costs. The prudent households avail this opportunity and they keep the AC unit in the open area of the house. Well, besides this, the landscaped area of the house keeps the place cold during the summer season and purified the air as well.

Great Source of Oxygen!

The landscaping provides plenty of oxygen and keeps the living area free form pollutants. So, you should surely spend quality time in an area that is surrounded by trees, plants, and grass. Doctors recommend asthma patients to bring plants in the living place. The lungs work better when they get sufficient oxygen from fresh air. For landscaping in Bromsgrove, professionals are being suggested because they let their clients reap more benefits of natural beauty.

Increase in the Value of Property!

The place where landscaping is done in an efficient way usually proves more valuable and attractive to potential buyers. The property surveyors have unveiled that 15% extra value can be obtained by landscaping a place because it affects the market prices. So, the households and businesspersons should also rely on experts for landscaping in Bromsgrove and other areas of the region.